Why you should be where people love or where people hate – with Density founder Andrew Farah



There is a word that keeps cropping up when it comes to mobile anything – density. It is such a great word unless there isn’t any. There are 3 axis for mobile these days: Context, location and density. Context is easy to start with: Is it morning, noon or night? Is it raining, sunny or snowing? Location is getting easier (and VERY slowly getting more accurate): Standing in a stadium, restaurant or train station? New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia? Density is a little more challenging. It looks for the answer of how many people are nearby or in a shop or are using an app in a specific region. The problem is that to make key mobile marketing decisions you need accuracy on all three. Hence, the three axis of mobile.

Today’s guest is Andrew Farah, founder of the aptly-named Density. They install in/out counters in the doors of small and medium-sized businesses to do one thing: Count people entering and leaving the business. Seems simple enough but the challenges and the impact of what they are doing are many and wide-ranging.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Density? 1:30
2. Why is Density useful? 3:00
3. Do line ups matter to loyalty? 4:00
4. Who wants to broadcast when a store is slow? 7:10
5. What is “lost” data? 10:00
6. How did you come up with the idea? 11:00
7. Why is this the hardest thing you’ve done? 13:40
8. What is the business model? 16:00
9. Why do you have your own app? 17:30
10. Can location data become more valuable than the physical location? 21:00
11. Are people asking for this? 24:15
12. Who owns the data you are collecting? 26:00
13. What is your growth strategy? 27:00


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About Andrew Farah
Andrew Farah DensityFounder, Density.io

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