How Trippeo is using mobile and context to kill manual expense management – with co-founder Adarsh Pallian

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Over 4 years have passed since Adarsh Pallian did his first episode on At that point, in December of 2010, he was six months into his first startup Geotoko. By the fall of 2011 he had sold his company to another startup – Hootsuite – and settled in for a couple of years of one of the wildest startup rides you can experience in Canada. Oh, by the way, he basically sold his company by text message.

Today Adarsh is embarking on his latest startup, Trippeo – an automated travel expense service with a heavy mobile component. He has raised a small angel round from some of the silicon valley elite and recently launched version 1 of his product. This episode covers the 4 years since we last spoke including the reasons why he sold Geotoko, why he started Trippeo, how he raised his angel round, what challenges he faced building out the product, how he priced his service and where he wants to take Trippeo as a business.



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1. What happened to Geotoko? 2:30
2. Why did you say yes to selling Geotoko to Hootsuite? 5:30
3. Why leave Hootsuite? 8:00
4. Where did the idea for Trippeo come from? 10:00
5. What was missing in the industry? 13:15
6. The chronology of the startup 15:15
7. How did you raise money for Trippeo? 16:10
8. Why raise money at all? 17:55
9. If you raised more money could you have delivered product sooner? 20:00
10. How do you know when you have a product ready to release? 21:15
11. Why Trippeo is not a company that someone will buy right away 25:25
12. Were you thinking of any other ideas other than Trippeo? 27:00
13. Why did investors jump in so quickly? 28:15
14. Can you stay in Vancouver and grow? 29:40
How do you automate expense collection? 32:30
16. How important is your website design to showcase the product? 38:45
17. How do you reach customers? 41:50
18. Is it easier to get web signups or mobile app downloads? 44:00
19. How did you come up with your pricing? 47:05
20. What is your metric? 48:20


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About Adarsh Pallian
Adarsh PallianAdarsh Pallian is the co-founder and CEO of – the fastest and simplest expense management software on the market today. Prior to Trippeo, Adarsh founded Geotoko, a location-based analytics software that was acquired by HootSuite. Adarsh loves adventure, entrepreneurship and being a dad.

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