The state of the mobile gaming industry according to Gigataur CEO Andrew Fisher



Is there a more competitive vertical in mobile than gaming these days? So lucrative for so few yet with so many companies vying for our spare time. If you look through the various app stores these days it is evident that mobile gaming is also a “big brand” battleground. How can smaller, more nimble and innovative game developers compete? How can they attract the bigger brands that have the budget to build great mobile gaming experiences with brands people recognize? In short, can game developers make triple “A” console equivalent games on mobile?

Enter Gigataur (formerly Glitchsoft) and their CEO Andrew Fisher. Gigataur is proving to be a force in the branded mobile gaming world having built the successful He-Man and X-Men games. They have now released the pinnacle of big branded games in Disney’s Star Wars Rebels for mobile. How did a boutique, Ottawa-based mobile gaming company secure the rights (and the absolute privilege) to build this game? What is the state of the mobile gaming world today? Can mobile game developers build console-equivalent experiences on the small screen?

We dive in and tackle this and much more in a very open and provocative conversation about the mobile gaming industry.



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1. How did you end up at Gigataur 3:15
2. Can you make AAA console-equivalent games on mobile? 7:00
3. Can mobile games make money? 9:20
4. The challenge of living up to the brand expectations 12:00
5. Cost of developing AAA games these days is… 20:20
6. Why not do parlour games or simpler non-branded games? 24:00
7. How did you close big brands like Disney? 25:45
8. Mobile as the gateway to the next generation of fans 34:15
9. Why not go freemium? 35:00
10. Is mobile monetization opportunity TOO small for a big brand like this? 38:30
11. What is the current state of the mobile gaming industry? 39:50
12. Are we close to freemium fatigue? 45:45


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About Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher GigataurAndrew is responsible for driving the company’s corporate direction, shareholder value, and employee morale. Over the years, Andrew has pivoted the company’s business model to partner with major entertainment companies and brand advertisers to create content for mobile devices that drive fan engagement. He has worked closely with some of the largest brands in the world including Disney, Marvel, and Mattel. Andrew’s academic background includes economics, computer science and engineering and is an Honours Economics graduate from the University of British Columbia.

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