Privacy re-imagined for the mobile age

Mobile Marketing Minute Episode #27:

This is our third (of seven) of our 2015 predictions (watch the overview here, part 1 on beacons here, part 2 on payments here) and we continue with privacy.

The privacy issue has been slowly bludgeoned to death since we first set foot on digital soil yet slowly but surely we have all given up parts of it for different reasons. The fact is that we all have a price in mind when someone asks us for our personal information – it could be a latte or a discount or a new car – there is a threshold where “no” becomes “yes” and the price is our privacy. Perhaps we have come to accept the truth that privacy as we knew it is dead but why should we accept the current value affixed to it by others? Why should someone else determine that on our behalf?

Instead of accepting that our privacy is dead or to wrestle for control of it in an ever-connected world, why not change the rules of how information is shared and what the value IS of that information? In our 3rd prediction we contemplate the future of privacy and how we may be able to arm ourselves for what is to come while, perhaps, earning revenue from sharing what is rightfully ours.

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With Rob Woodbridge and Greg Hickman

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