How mobile sensors will bring a new layer of context and relevance to marketing – with Sense360 co-founder Eli Portnoy



When location based marketing emerged on the radar for marketers it changed the game. Bringing contextual, localized ads to a person within proximity to the business who’s ad they were staring at – and not the person 5 miles away – was revolutionary. This ushered in the world of mass one-to-one mobile marketing. Right in the middle of this revolution was Eli Portnoy. You may recognize him as the founder of Thinknear (and 4-time guest) and he is back on the show, this time talking about his new start up, Sense360.

Sense360 takes contextual understanding to a new level, using all the sensors within the average smartphone to help create experiences that are situationally aware.

This episode can be broken into 3 parts: What Eli saw in the marketplace to decide to leave Thinknear and take on the task at hand with Sense360. The “myth of the download” that has led so many good companies astray. The concept of “good push” and how using sensors with location and context can make a good mobile experience a great mobile experience.

Eli was ahead of the industry when he dove into location-based advertising and now is ahead of the pack once again on using the sensors in our phones to help make marketing and advertising better – to turn it into a service for good. The examples Eli brings to light and deep knowledge that he shares in this episode gives us all a great insight into where this industry is going.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Sense360 3:00
2. Why leave Thinknear? 6:00
3. How hard was it to leave? 8:00
4. Was it hard to switch contexts from Thinknear to Sense 360? 9:15
5. The Myth of the download is… 12:30
6. What can developers do to engage and not annoy? 19:30
7. Ways to use context to engage beyond push notifications 22:00
8. Can context be abused? 24:30
9. Is the market asking for the service offered by Sense360 yet? 26:45
10. Mobile sensors as a search engine 29:00
11. How do wearables fit in the Sense360 world? 31:00
12. How does Sense360 help increase relevance? 33:00
13. What is the difference between push notifications done right and done wrong? 35:00
14. Is there a contextual operating system? 36:00
15. Why aren’t app developers using sensors? 41:00
16. How do you limit the sensors you start with? 46:00


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About Eli Portnoy
Eli Portnoy Sense360Previously Eli was the co-founder and CEO of Thinknear which he sold to Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV) in what remains the largest ever acquisition of a TechStars company.

Eli has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from UPenn.

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