How mobile brought the chaos to media – with GigaOm senior writer Mathew Ingram



Does print survive? This seems like a very important question but, in reality, the only people asking it these days are the guys doing print. The rest of the world seems to have moved on and by moving on I mean moved to digital or mobile.

The truth is that print and digital are just forms of the same thing but the thing that has changed more dramatically than the way we consume media is the way it is created and shared. This is where the conversation with GigaOm Senior writer Mathew Ingram moves quickly. Mathew has a very unique perspective having spent a huge portion of his career writing for Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. He moved over to GigaOm about 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back or reconsidered his move.

Our conversation jumps from his move to GigaOm, his take on the news/media industry as a whole today, what companies he’s looking at for inspiration (or that will change media once again), the impact that mobile has had on his profession (as a consumer and creator) and a number of incredible insights into his craft.

This episode, for me anyway, is a look at what the future of the media industry will look like: Part amazing creator, part amazing marketer, part amazing community builder and part media personality.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is GigaOm? 1:50
2. What was it like moving from print to digital? 5:00
3. Has there been a lot of turn over at The Globe and Mail? 6:30
4. Can print survive? 7:50
5. How do you consume news today? 11:30
6. Why aren’t old-media buying new media companies? 12:30
7. Why is it a great time to be a creative? 14:30
8. What about companies like Circa? 16:45
9. Can smaller media companies survive? 17:30
10. Did you bring your audience to GigaOm? 20:15
11. Does all this lead to aggregation of smaller companies? 22:00
12. How does mobile change the way we consume media? 25:00
13. The BIG problem that traditional media companies keep making with mobile 27:30
14. Discussion about Circa’s future 29:00
15. The fundamental challenge for advertising and media companies is… 30:40
16. Does audience size matter anymore? 33:00
17. Are we getting dumber? 37:00
18. The “stock and flow” of news today 41:15
19. One fundamental shift that has impacted media companies… 46:15
20. Did mobile bring the chaos? 49:45
21. What is getting you excited today 55:55


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About Mathew Ingram
Mathew Ingram GigaOmMathew covers media in all its forms — social and otherwise — as well as web culture and related issues. He is an award-winning journalist who has spent the past 15 years writing about business, technology and new media as a reporter, columnist and blogger. Prior to joining Gigaom, he was a blogger and technology writer for the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto, and was also the paper’s first online Communities Editor. Mathew is one of the founders of mesh, Canada’s leading web conference.

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