Ice Men organs, Wifi in the shadows and pups on big screens

Welcome to episode #233. On the show: Banjo closes $100 million in funding; Pizza Hut lets you track your pizza; Gimbal partners with Tillster for restaurants; SpotMe App lets you pay and track debts; Battersea puts dogs on digital screens; Wall’s Ice Cream brings the truck inside your office; Ice Men campaign for organ donation; Departures NYC; Shadow WiFi; UrbanClap from India

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 233

Recorded: May 9-10, 2015
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

1. Banjo raises $100M 7:25
2. Pizza Hut Nav (uber like service) 13:25
3. Tillster partners with Gimbal for restaurants 21:13
4. SpotMe app for money transfer 23:00
5. Battersea Dog’s & Cat’s Home – “Looking For You” 25:10
6. Wall’s – office ice cream truck 28:55
7. Beneficencia Portuguese Hospital – “Ice Men” campaign 32:25
8. “Departures NYC” app 37:15
9. Peruvian League Against Cancer – Shadow WiFi 42:50
10. UrbanClap – location based service finder (India) 48:15

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