Why engagement is the key to mobile gaming success – with Fuel founder Alan Price

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I’m old enough to remember Marathon – one of the first (and best) multiplayer shoot ’em up games for the Mac back in the 90’s. The company I was a partner at would stay late after work and even show up on weekends to play against each other. This left a lasting impression on me as I set out from that company and it is a premise that our guest, Alan Price, used as the basis for his new company, Fuel.

Fuel helps bring the multiplayer to games because, as I found out all those years ago and countless new generation of gamers find out every single day, playing games together is more fun than playing them alone. This goes for console games, computer games and mobile games. In fact, as we discuss in this episode, it may be the one thing that brings longevity to games that otherwise would fade away much faster.

Mobile gaming is a tough business because it is so competitive which makes engagement one of the – if not THE – single most important aspects of the game. It brings people back more often, keeps them in the game longer and makes the viral opportunity more realistic. Don’t take my word for it, take it from the guy that helped EA build some of their greatest franchises based on this very concept.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. About Alan 1:30
2. Why leave EA? 5:00
3. Why leave and NOT build another game company? 8:00
4. What does Fuel do? 10:00
5. Why does Fuel matter? 11:15
6. Being “above the API” 15:40
7. What happens as a result of Fuel integration? 16:45
8. How the concept of “flow” fits into game engagement 19:00
9. Principles for engagement 22:30
10. The “Dots” strategy 27:44
11. Freemium vs incentive vs engagement vs multiplayer strategies 30:50


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About Alan Price
Michael ProvenzanoOlder than the video game industry itself, Alan continues to spread joy and fun to the masses through games. From Macs and PCs, to consoles and mobile games, Alan has delivered some of the most successful game titles of all time. Previously, he was CTO at Electronic Arts, where he helped develop flagship titles like FIFA Soccer, NHL Hockey, FightNight, NBA Live and EA Sports Active. He’s also the founder of Digido Interactive, a company that encourages physical activity through virtual play. A dedicated problem solver, Alan has an impressive ability to take very complex problems and whittle them down into manageable issues that his team can tackle with full force. Alan is a devoted father of two, and believes games and play have the potential to initiate positive change in our world.

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