Car vending machines, tv ads that follow you & Virgin’s SeatView + Ryan Laul of dTheory

Welcome to episode #260. On the show: Millennial Media works with Rentrak to match TV ads with mobile; Western Union partners with WeChat; America’s Movie Night courtesy or RedBox; National Geographic launches “Find your park, love your park”; Carvana’s car vending machine; SenionLab launches StepInside; Gravy + ROIChecker creates VisitCast; RoamingAround Launches RapidApp; Google and Virgin America launch “Seatview”; Oxfam partners with xAd. Special guest is Ryan Laul of d[Theory].

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 260

Recorded: November 23, 2015
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

1. AOL’s Millennial Media working with Rentrak to match TV ad viewing with mobile 8:18
2. Western Union partners with WeChat for money transfer 11:51
3. RedBox “America’s Movie Night” 14:38
4. National Geographic launches “Find Your Park, Love Your Park” 17:50
5. Carvana to sell cars through vending machines 19:17

Guest: Ryan Laul of d[Theory] 25:00

Member News

1. SenionLab launches StepInside 36:10
2. Gravy + ROIChecker = VisitCast 37:39
3. RoamingAround launches RapidApp 38:52
4. Google + Virgin America launch “SeatView” 40:00
5. Oxfam America + xAd partner 41:35

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