How to bridge mobile and digital out of home advertising – with Vistar CEO Michael Provenzano

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There is a goal of good advertising: To reach the right consumer at the right time to drive action. This really hasn’t changed much since the first ad was created, it has just gotten a whole lot more complex. The technology, the screens, the sheer volume of miles we travel, the options and, of course, the tools consumers use to decide and sellers use to broadcast on. Welcome to an ecosystem of choice, confusion and massive opportunity.

Mobile has introduced us to interactive, contextual advertising and, for most of its life, has been limited to the small screen we carry around. These days big data, digital screens and beacons married with good CRM software leads to a wealth of online AND offline abilities – exactly where Michael Provenzano and his company Vistar Media call home.

Vistar Media is an advertising platform that enables brands to reach consumers in the real-world. They take data collected throughout our day from carriers, crunch it through their software and produce actionable outcomes for their advertisers and that is what we discuss in this episode. Understanding the impact of this type of business is important and Michael fills us in on how consumers, advertisers and businesses will benefit from cross-screen strategies.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Vistar Media? 1:45
2. How do you differentiate from the competition? 4:00
3. How does behaviour play into what Vistar Media does? 6:00
4. The power of frequency 11:00
5. How does this fit into demographics and psychographics 12:00
6. Why DOOH is undervalued 15:00
7. Why get into the DOOH business? 16:30
8. Is programatic good or bad for the industry? 19:30
9. What is the impact that your customers should expect? 21:20
10. What will the impact of your technology on consumers? 27:00
11. Does advertising become helpful instead of a hinderance? 32:30
12. What are the key things that the near-term future will bring for DOOH 34:30
13. The “Stock Exchange” of screens? 37:30


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About Michael Provenzano
Michael ProvenzanoMichael was previously a Co-Founder of Invite Media, the first universal demand side platform for online display advertising. Invite was purchased by Google in 2010. He has a BSE in Materials Science Engineering from University of Pennsylvania.

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