Beacons will make a big impact in 2015

Mobile Marketing Minute Episode #24:

This is our first dive (of seven) into our 2015 predictions (watch the overview here) and we start with beacons. Those little peel-and-stick bluetooth transmitters that emerged in the second half of 2014 in retail will go far beyond their origins in 2015. We both weigh in on where we think they will be by the end of the year and what the industry will look to them to do – beyond pushing deals and annoying customers.

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With Rob Woodbridge and Greg Hickman

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  • This was my favorite video so far! And I’ve watched close to a hundred I believe 🙂 Great job educating everyone about beacons and the capabilities of location-based solutions!

  • Thank you @LaurenEdards ! It may have taken us 100 shows to get it right but we finally did it 🙂

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