You say you want a (beacon) revolution

Welcome to episode #193. On the show: HBC and Lord & Taylor commit to beacons; Instagram launches their Snapchat competitor Bolt; Medialets helps with attribution; Tipbombing your favourite street artist; Verizon kicks off their smart rewards program; Glympse embeds itself within Kik messenger; Nike gives away merchandise with FuelBox; Andrew Mason emerges with Detour; NextNav raises $70M. Our special guest is Debbie Kiederer of LiveLux and our resource of the week examines the differences between NFC and BLE.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 193

Recorded: August 1, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

(starts at 7:20)

1. Hudson’s Bay Company /Lord&Taylor Beacon deployment
2. Medialets – Servo Total Attribution
3. Instagram launches Bolt app
4. Verizon Smart Rewards program
5. Experiture marketing platform
6. Tipbombing
7. Glympse partners with Kik app
8. Nike+ FuelBox
9. Andrew Mason’s – Detour
10. NextNav raises $70Million

Guest of the week: Debbie Kiederer – CoFounder & CSO of LiveLux (37:05)

1. Kik + Glympse & Instagram + Bolt (47:55)
2. The beacon revolution (54:45)
3. Why the Nike Fuelbox is a huge deal (62:45)

Resource of the week
BLE vs. NFC Infographic (68:20)

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