TWiLBM #191: The in-experience store episode

Welcome to episode #191. On the show: Bonnaroo’s beacon results; Heineken’s @wherenext twitter service; Clear Channel launches their “Connect” platform; Petpace tracks the health of your pet; AdNear teams up with Mindshare for location targeting in Asia; Samsung launches “CentreStage” in BestBuy; Marriott launches LocalPerks; Birchbox opens up a real-life store in SoHo; Hermes’ Fox Den window display; The Sensing Umbrella. Special guest is Henry Lawson of Autograph (the company that installed beacons in every store on Regent St)

Episode 191

Recorded: July 18, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

(starts at 6:35)

1. Bonnaroo uses beacons to push messages to festival goers
2. Heineken’s @wherenext Twitter service
3. Clear Channel launches “Connect” platform in partnership with Blue Bite
4. Petpace a fitbit for your dog or cat
5. AdNear and Mindshare team-up for location-based targeting in Asia
6. Samsung launches “CentreStage” in two Chicago Bestbuy stores
7. Marriott launches LocalPerks
8. Launch of BirchBox SOHO store
9. Hermes’ – Fox’s Den in store window
10. Copenhagen Institute launches The Sensing Umbrella

Guest of the week: Henry Lawson of Autograph (32:50)

1. In store experience (Hermes + Birchbox + Samsung Best Buy) (42:00)
2. Beacons here, there and everywhere. Creating experiences with beacons. (52:25)

DOJ (mostly) supports the bill limiting geolocation data use (58:50)

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