TWiLBM #173: Let there be water – from the air

Welcome to episode #173. On the show: Top stories featuring Banjo, Mahana, Locoslab, Yelp & Yahoo!, Emotient, UTEC, Apple, HP & Aurasma, Wearable Experiments and One Llama. The Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin recaps some highlights from SXSW and our resource of the week demystifies the second screen in North America. Asif gives us a rundown of his Retail Loco and SXSW experiences.

Episode 173

Recorded: March 14, 2014
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show highlights:

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SXSW and Retail Loco summary from Asif (2:02)

A Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin: SXSW = innovation street (10:20)

Resource of the week: Yo, U.S. Couch Potatoes! The World Second-Screens More Than You Do (51:25)

Top stories of the week (starts at 12:48)

1. Banjo raises $16M series B
2. Mahana app details restaurant wait time and uses iBeacons
3. Locoslab indoor positioning
4. Yelp Reviews now on Yahoo! search results
5. Emotient gets $6M for facial expression technology
6. UTEC billboard converts humidity to drinking water (Peru)
7. Apple iOS 7.1 Includes iBeacon Update to Benefit Retailers
8. HP shows how augmented reality will replace search at SXSW with Aurasma
9. The Alert Shirt by Wearable Experiments from Australia
10. One Llama‘s audio aware app

1. Banjo’s slow and steady meteoric rise to prominence (33:42)
2. Do we need software to detect our emotions? (38:25)
3. Is HP’s Aurasma the key to the future of search? (43:26)

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