The top 5 iOS 8 features that marketers need to know about

Mobile Marketing Minute Episode #12:

Greg and I jump into the iOS 8 discussion by highlighting the top 5 enhancements that marketers should know about. We talk Apple Pay, Spotlight, Widgets, MAC addresses and action notifications (with a few detours around Apple Watch, iBeacons and Twitter?).

The goal here is to demonstrate the possibilities that the new OS brings to the mobile marketing world. Will you use all/any of these? Perhaps not right away but to be aware of them is a requirement and we do our best to bring them to the forefront.

As always, if you have questions about mobile marketing, leave them below, email me or leave a voice mail. We will answer them on the show!

With Rob Woodbridge and Greg Hickman


A quick table of contents for your reference:

1. Apple Pay
2. Spotlight
3. MAC Addresses
4. Widgets
5. Notifications

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