The Take #9: BYOD…or else!

Are we really still really have the BYOD debate? Worse yet, are we still talking about BYOD and employee over time? What is this, 2007?

My name is Rob Woodbridge and this is The Take. Episode #9

I can’t believe we are still having this conversation. Employees worried about the impact that BYOD will have on overtime. It is a challenge to remain calm when I read about this stuff but I will try to get through this episode without freaking out.

For 7 years, mobile has made a steady straight line through every aspect of our lives. It has killed or ruptured the hull of every single business sector ever invented – from categories like cameras to industries like retail. The old way of doing things is gone. Poof. What took hundreds of years to get to an equilibrium is now dust in the wind. Businesses of all kinds are in the process of re-inventing themselves. Think about the poor retailers out there, the newspapers, the radio and television producers, musicians, labels, restaurants, dry cleaners, taxi’s, airlines. Jesus, everything. The world is so different from 2007 if you fell asleep then and woke up now it would be nearly impossible to function.

Speaking of sleeping for seven years, how about those employees that think mobile – specifically BYOD – will lead to more over time. Hey, you, in the cubicle, did you just wake up? Do you know what is going on out there? If businesses are changing you can be damn sure your jobs have changed in the process. And part of that change is the little device you carry with you. There is no option here, use the device and be a part of this new world. Don’t use this device and, well, the dodo is calling. Go back to sleep. Go find a tree, nap until this fad passes. Enjoy an early retirement.

Employees need to grasp that a big part of the change that business is going through stems from how you – we – all use these devices OUTSIDE of the office. We are the ones that use mobile and we are the ones that are forcing businesses to change and we are the ones that don’t want to use it outside of the office for office things? Can’t you see that this is OUR FAULT? All this change, all this business carnage is because of us and, what, you only want to benefit from the outcome without a little effort.

As industry copes with the catastrophic change mobile has brought – something I call a “rightening” – employees will either band together, pick up arms – er smartphones and rally around their business or let it fail. Again, the choice and responsibility falls on us to make this work. It’s no longer about working from home, it’s about working at all. Those are the stakes today.

My name is Rob Woodbridge and this has been The Take.

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