How Plastic Mobile’s Innovation Lab turns ideas into mobile products – with Sep Seyedi and Jason Hyde


Plastic Mobile is a Toronto-Canada based Mobile agency that has done work with venerable brands such as Pizza Pizza, Air Miles and Beyond The Rack. Since inception in 2007 they’ve seen everything imagenable when it comes to the evolution of the mobile industry. Because of this longevity and success, I always wondered how they keep on top of what is going on at the same time as keeping abreast of the things that will impact them – and their customers – in the near future as well. A hard thing to juggle. A hard thing to maintain.

Part of this requirement to keep on top is through initiatives like their Innovation Lab that has now started to spawn product as a result. Their first, Hyphen, helps legacy commerce systems move into mobile payments with little discomfort. Sep Seyedi, co-founder and CEO, and Jason Hyde, VP Creative, help explain where the company is going and why these products – and the Lab – are important to their future.



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1. Plastic Mobile Update 2:00
2. About Plastic Mobile 3:40
3. Why app development is not a good business 5:40
4. What is the goal for Plastic’s growth? 6:30
5. How has the industry matured since you started the company? 7:50
6. Are app reviews still a valuable measurement? 11:30
7. Are clients asking about wearables, IoT, new tech? 15:00
8. What trends are you seeing as a result of setting up your lab? 16:25
9. What is The Lab? 18:50
10. What is the team breakdown between engineers and creatives 19:50
11. What is Hyphen? 22:40
12. What does it do? 25:25
13. How did you come to build Hyphen? 26:45
14. How do you sell it? 27:30
15. How much demand are you seeing for mobile payments? 28:05
16. Should the focus be on payments or loyalty? 30:40
17. Is Plastic focusing on commerce and loyalty as a platform? 35:40
18. What are you seeing in the retail space that is positive? 37:20
19. What gets you guys personally excited about what is going on? 39:45
20. Favourite apps? 43:10


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About Sep Seyedi
Sep SeyediSep Seyedi co-founded Plastic in 2007 after recognizing a growing divide between the mobile space and quality creative work. Sep set out to fix the mobile industry. His plan? Simple. He would transform the mobile space from something primitive and ill-used to an industry of change, superlative user experiences and ingeniously constructed solutions.

As an engineer, Sep loves problem solving, building things and ultimately creating sound, fluid experiences. Sep Seyedi thrives in his role as Plastic’s CEO. He is a collaborator at heart and welcomes all ideas, dismissing none. This approach allows him to lead through the carefully crafted mobile initiatives that have attracted such high-profile clients such as Rogers, Pizza Pizza, AIR MILES, ING DIRECT, Rogers Media and Axe, among others. Long before launching Plastic Mobile, Sep began cultivating a mild obsession for the mobile space. Leading the technology department at Critical Mass, he started a practice to try and bring forward mobile initiatives for NASA, Citibank, Mitsubishi and Michelin.

Sep’s diversified portfolio, smart approach, passion and perseverance have made Plastic a pure play agency that prides itself in being the best at creating meaningful user experiences.

Sep is a graduate of the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto, known to hold its own amongst the likes of MIT in North America.

About Jason Hyde
Jason HydeJason Hyde is Plastic’s Vice President of Creative, leading the designs for all of our mobile and innovation initiatives. He’s as passionate about keeping the user in perspective conceptually as he is about making everything aesthetically refined. His raw artistic talent, trained eye and experience have taken our client work, such as AIR MILES, Pizza Pizza, ING Direct, just to name a few – to new creative levels.

We attribute a lot of Jason’s success to the fact that he has never been able to grow a full beard. The fact is, his facial hair has always grown in a bit patchy and has created a void in his life that needed to be filled. Naturally, Jason filled this void with his creativity and allowed his accomplishments, like the many awards his work has won and the success he has created for his high profile client list, to grow in thick and full. Some might even say lustrous. Although, he may shy away from the topic of facial hair, he takes every opportunity to stroke his new found metaphorical beard, looking back on his 12 year career to find the perfect solution to any client’s needs.

Prior to working for Plastic, Jason worked on a diverse portfolio of campaigns, including Coca-Cola’s nationwide 2011 Winter Olympics campaign, Canada’s national awareness campaign for organ donation, and created a completely accessible website for an artist with Autism so she could showcase her work online.

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