Why now is the time to build a virtual reality company – with irisVR co-founders Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty


We’ve heard so much about virtual reality lately – brought on by the massive exit that Oculus had at the hands of Facebook. All signs point to an industry on the verge of something but we aren’t quite sure what that something will be or even look like. It could be a massive gaming platform, it could be an adjunct to entertainment (think movies and concerts), it could even be the future of education but we aren’t at all sure yet. It could be all or none of those.

To help clear this up are irisVR co-founders Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty.

Their company focuses on helping architects get their plans – their visions – into a virtual reality environment. A niche business now but one that is ripe as we speak and could lead to much more down the road.

This episode looks at their business today and quickly dives into the world of possibilities that augmented reality could be in the future. Is VR going to be the next great platform as some say? It may be too soon to tell but with guys like this leading the charge my hunch says real life is about to get augmented and blurred.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What does IRISVR do? 2:10
2. How did the partnership form? 4:35
3. How did architecture firms react to the idea? 5:50
4. Were people impressed with the idea or the Oculus Rift? 7:25
5. How did you find the idea? 9:15
6. What happened after the idea formed? 10:20
7. What did your research demonstrate about the demand for IrisVR? 12:00
8. Is this too early? 15:00
9. Why is the time right for VR now? 17:45
10. How did you feel when Oculus was acquired by Facebook? 20:00
11. Why did Facebook buy Oculus? 21:10
12. What other industries are ripe for VR? 23:50
13. Will VR become a defacto standard? 26:00
14. Will there be something called real-time VR? 28:30
15. How does mobile fit into VR? 30:30
16. Your biggest challenge? 33:00
17. How hard was it to raise money? 34:00
18. Is there a catalyst to bring VR mainstream? 36:40


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About Shane Scranton
Shane Scranton irisVRShane is the CEO and co-founder of IrisVR, a New England based Virtual Reality startup. He recognized the value of using VR technology beyond its gaming and entertainment applications and formed a company that has been gaining recognition around the world as a first-mover in the space. Armed with a robust understanding of architecture and 3D design, Shane carves out the company’s strategic vision while navigating the exciting and rapidly changing landscape of the VR industry. Prior to Iris, Shane worked at several architecture firms and started a consulting company, Lightwell 3D, working with Iris co-founder Nate Beatty.

About Nate Beatty
Nate Beatty irisVRNate is the CTO and co-founder of IrisVR, leading the development of the Iris product and Virtual Reality R&D. Facing the challenges of operating in a brand new ecosystem head-on, Nate and his team are operating on the frontlines of unexplored territory, rapidly innovating in the Virtual Reality space. Prior to Iris, he started StraboGIS, a firm specializing in mobile geospatial data collection and worked with fellow Iris co-founder, Shane Scranton, at Lightwell 3D.

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