How this mobile dead-man switch has saved 4 lives – with LifeLine Response founder Peter Cahill


Most entrepreneurs are driven individuals. Sometimes they are driven by divine inspiration, other times it is as a result of personal experience. Some entrepreneurs are focused on changing the numbers in their bank accounts while others are set on making a long-lasting contribution to humanity. For Peter Cahill, founder of LifeLine Response, he can check them all off and his company is just at the start of its run.

LifeLine Response is a personal safety service that has already saved 4 lives. Let me say that again: 4 human beings are still alive as a result of using Peter’s product. If that doesn’t grab your attention I’m not sure what else will. The company is a Techstars graduate, earning revenue and poised to release some breakout technology in the coming days and months. This episode looks at the background of the company, the services they provide, the reasons behind the business, the results to date and the impact it has had on his life as well as those that use the products he provides.

Here’s a guy that abandoned a well-paying, cushy job to dip below the poverty line to become an entrepreneur inspired, in part, by the mobile revolution. Who says it’s too late to chase a passion? Not Peter.



Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is LifeLine Response 1:40
2. What was the catalyst for starting the company? 2:40
3. Why do you think this will work in preventing crime? 5:00
4. How early did you see the mobile opportunity to help with this problem? 7:40
5. Was a background as an investment banker valuable to starting a company like this? 10:55
6. What’s it like being a 40+ year old leading a startup for the first time? 13:10
7. What was the Techstars experience like? 15:00
8. How did Techstars shape the company focus? 16:40
9. What is the difference between the consumer and enterprise versions? 19:00
10. How big is the data opportunity for the company? 22:00
11. How did your app save 4 lives? 26:00
12. What happens when the service is triggered? 27:25
13. How did you end up on Rachel Ray? 32:00
14. How do you balance the desire to make a business and make a difference? 33:15
15. How do you market this service? 35:25
16. How long did it take to get the user experience just right? 37:00
17. What was the inspiration? 38:30
18. How did you come up with the pricing? 39:30
19. Do you think big picture or next steps? 40:30
20. How has this been received? 44:30
21. The “asshole” rule 47:00
22. The best advice from any episode about entrepreneurship 50:30


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About Peter Cahill
Peter Cahill LifeLine ResponsePeter Cahill is the Founder of Clandestine Development, LLC. He was inspired to create LifeLine Response after several of his family members fell victims to assault and attack. In 2011, Peter funded research to assess how sexual and violent crimes occur. Using this data, he led a team of skilled engineers and psychologists in developing new technology that would be effective in the critical moments of a life-threatening situation. This technology was the driving force behind LifeLine Response and Peter led the charge with his tireless focus on product design. The result is a mobile application that will change the way people look at personal safety.

In addition to his work on LifeLine Response, Peter was a founding partner of TransCapital Partners, a 14 year old international, Merger and Acquisition Investment Bank with offices in Hong Kong and based in Chicago, Illinois. Over his 14 year career, he advised on transactions and divestiture strategies equaling an aggregate value of $1.3 billion. Peter has assisted several Fortune 100 companies to accelerate growth and increase market share by evaluating economic patterns in various industries, including technology, manufacturing, and transportation.

Peter studied Political Science at the University of Tennessee and multi-cultural development at Depaul University.

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