How mobile is bringing illness diagnosis and prevention to our living room

I am joined by Ian Klassen – entrepreneur, mentor and technology trend hunter (as well as a 3-time guest) – to discuss emerging technologies in a new show now in beta.

If there is one thing that the H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks have shown us it is that prevention and early detection are key to helping stop their spread. In this, our second episode examining the use of mobile in our lives, we explore the mobile technology that is helping us understand our own health – and those around us – to help us stop worrying or start treating as soon as possible.

Links mentioned:

1. Cue
2. DropCam
3. CDC mobile apps
4. Nigerian Facebook App for Android to fight Ebola
5. Apple Watch with Healthkit

As this is a beta show, we would love some feedback from you. Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts (good & bad) about this episode or thoughts on the future direction. Thank you!


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