Episode #495: CROWDSOURCED with Ozobot founder Nader Hamda

The second “episode” of Crowdsourced brings us…robots!

We are about to be taken over by robots. Not scary 7-story alien robots but tiny dome-shaped ones. I’d like to introduce you to Ozobot. A tiny intelligent robot that bridges physical and digital games. I’ve touched on this many times before on UNTETHER.tv but Ozobot is about a game, a screen (or not) and a 1 inch robot that learns.

Ozobot has been under development for 2 years and is packed with as much technology that can fit into a chassis this size. It uses colour to determine direction and speed, autonomously cruises via precision line-sensing, makes independent decisions, learns to play games and, well, is kinda cute for robot no bigger than your thumb.

I caught up with Ozobot founder and CEO Nader Hamda while he was in LA after a successful CES launch, mid-way through his series B investment raise and 8 days into his Kickstarter campaign to talk about Ozomot’s plans for world (game) domination.

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Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Ozobot 1:23
2. Why robots? 4:03
3. What are the challenges building Ozobot 5:00
4. What was the catalyst for being able to build Ozobot? 6:15
5. What has it been like building a hardware and software company? 7:20
6. How did you control your vision of the product? 9:35
7. Knowing what you know now, would have started this company 2 years ago? 11:15
8. How large is this market? 12:25
9. Why use Kickstarter for Ozobot? 14:40
10. What will it take to fund the entire project? 15:50
11. What’s the future for Ozobot 18:40
12. What advice do you have for mobile companies looking at crowd funding? 20:10

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About Nader Hamda
Nader Hamda OzobotNader Hamda brings over 18 years experience as president & CEO of two start-up companies.

Nader’s experience with brand development, supply chain, conventional and e-business management, gives him a unique understanding of brand positioning, support infrastructure, forecasting and corporate strategy. His experience with company valuations and strategic growth management helped guide his previous company, Cloud B, Inc. to become one of the fastest growing companies in Los Angeles as reported by the Los Angeles Business Journal in November 2010. Nader holds an MBA in Marketing from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business, and a BBA in Operations Management from the same institution.

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