How beacons ended up on Regent Street – with Autograph founder Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson’s company rolled out 170 beacons across 130 retailers in the oldest and most known shopping street on earth – Regent Street in London. Not only did they manage to convince the Queen that this was a good idea (well, her company The Crown Estate), they also had to manage the largest and most prestigious retailers on the planet as well.

This is that story.

How did Autograph land the Queen of England as a client? What were some of the challenges? How did they find their first client? How can they ask 40 questions and know so much about us? Where do beacons fit in our retail future? So much to talk about and we do in this episode.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Autograph 1:30
2. How does a consumer interact with Autograph? 3:45
3. How do you come up with the questions? 7:20
4. Why 40 questions? 8:40
5. What is the outcome for retailers as a result of using Autograph? 10:30
6. About Henry Lawson 12:40
7. How did you prove your business model and technology? 16:40
8. How did you land your first client? 18:30
9. Why go after the biggest companies first as clients? 20:30
10. Did you charge for pilots? Why? 22:20
11. How did Autograph land Regent Street? 25:25
12. Was part of the marketing plan to get media in tech mags? 29:00
13. What is the Regent Street beacon project? 31:50
14. How are you marketing the Regent Street app? 36:00
15. How receptive were the brands on Regent Street to this beacon project? 38:40
16. Who paid for this? 43:00
17. And the response rates for Regent Street are? 44:00
18. What does the future of beacons look like? 45:45
19. What has been the biggest surprise during the building of Autograph? 50:25
20. The importance of human curation 52:00


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About Henry Lawson
henry lawson autographHenry was previously Worldwide President for Donovan Data Systems, building transaction volume to $85bn per year. He received a degree in mechanical engineering from Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and then his MBA from Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar.

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