EP #520: How to capitalize on the practical versus the possible of the Internet of Things – with Infobright CEO Don DeLoach

The Internet of Things is a grand plan – nodes and sensors everywhere, data being collected and processed and displayed at the right time to the right person for the right reason. The concepts around predictive data modelling and full-on artificial intelligence are, for the most part, predictive in themselves. These visions are how we think of it looking forward from it today but, as we’ve seen over the last 7 years, the world today hardly resembles the world in which we predicted before mobile swept to power.

So where should we focus? According to Infobright CEO Don DeLoach, we should be finding that spot where possible meets practical and start there. With so much being written about the Internet of Things and the impact it will have on most of our lives, we step back in this episode and focus on the things that IoT will have an immediate impact on. Things like data collection and display, privacy, business models and ownership. These are challenges that will need to be overcome first in order to move into the true realm of the Internet of Things.

The episode dives into big data and the changing language of the query, the impact of data collection and display on our privacy and who owns that data, the 4 stages of data collection and intelligence and a good glimpse into the near future of the impact of IoT on how we live, play and do business.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is the definition of IoT 1:35
2. Where are we in the IoT continuum? 2:40
3. How can we distinguish between good and bad ideas? 6:25
4. What is InfoBright? 8:25
5. What is the level of understand of the impact of IoT? 11:20
6. Big data and the Internet of Things 15:45
7. Privacy in the IoT era: Who owns the data 21:15
8. Will data become a currency for consumers? 24:20
9. The immediate places to monetize IoT are… 28:00
10. When does this industry emerge into the mainstream? 30:00
11. How does the way we query data change with IoT? 32:05
12. How does data get smart on its own? 34:30
13. The 4 realms of data analysis 36:00
14. What are the biggest impediments of the IoT era? 39:20
15. Is an IoT operating system the answer? 40:55
16. What does the IoT world look like when it arrives? 43:55


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About Don DeLoach

DDeLoachdm Don DeLoach is CEO and president of Infobright. Don has over 25 years of software industry experience, with demonstrated success building software companies with extensive sales, marketing and international experience. Prior to Infobright Don was CEO of Aleri, the complex event processing company, which was acquired by Sybase in February 2010. Prior to Aleri, Don served as President and CEO of YOUcentric, a CRM software company, where he led the growth of the company’s revenue from $2.8M to $25M in three years, before being acquired by JD Edwards. Prior to YOUcentric, Don spent five years in senior sales management at Sybase, rising from District Manager to Vice President of North American Geographic Sales, Telesales, Channels, and Field Marketing. He has also served as a Director at Broadbeam Corporation and Apropos Inc.

Don is active in community service, and is a Director on the board of the Illinois Technology Association and the Juvenile Protective Association in Chicago.

Don has a Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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