EP #498: The merits and pitfalls of being always on – with Crowdcentric CEO Toby Daniels

If there was a debt owed in the social media world it is to mobile. Clearly the role that social media plays in all of our businesses has been accelerated by the rapid and crazy adoption of the connected device into our lives. Has this adoption overrun us now? Are we addicted to the device and do we forego the moment in search of something more interesting through the small screen?

Toby Daniels, the CEO of Crowdcentric and the founder of Social Media Week, joins me to talk about the convergence of social and mobile and their collective impact on the family, the business and the global always-on connected human.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. What is Crowdcentric 1:45
2. When did you launch Social Media Week 3:00
3. How has mobile influenced social media and Social Media Week? 4:40
4. What does the theme “The future of Now” signify? 10:50
5. What is your stance on the “always on” society? 13:30
6. What social trends are emerging that are capturing your attention? 18:30
7. What level is society at when it comes to social and mobile – based on clients and attendees of Social Media Week 21:40

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About Toby Daniels
Toby Daniels CrowdcentricToby Daniels is the CEO of Crowdcentric and the Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week. Toby started Social Media Week as a means to explore how technology is changing the way we connect and communicate. In his spare time, he likes to run marathons, scuba dive, snowboard, travel and surf (sort of).

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