How to decide where to start in the mobile marketing mix

Mobile Marketing Minute Episode #009:

Often the hardest part of achieving success in anything is starting – mobile marketing is no different. This craft can be very daunting because it is so new and there are so many moving parts but it doesn’t have to be hard. There is a logical progression that makes it quite simple to get moving and gain momentum. Greg highlights his experience on how he did this while he was with Cabelas. Watch this episode and you’ll gain insight into the place you need to start when bringing mobile marketing into your organization.

We also discuss something that many organizations skip while determining their mobile marketing strategy that ultimately sends them in the wrong direction. Watch and learn!

As always, if you have questions about mobile marketing, leave them below, email me or leave a voice mail. We will answer them on the show!

With Rob Woodbridge and Greg Hickman


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Rob Woodbridge

I'm Rob, the founder of and I've spent 14 years immersed in the mobile and pervasive computing world. During this great time I've helped some of the most innovative companies grow their business through mobile. If you are in need of a mobile business advisor or coach, connect with me here to get things rolling.

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