Beacons: Now appearing in your neighbourhood

Mobile Commerce Minute Episode #414:

Beacons are not just for big department stores any more. We’ve mentioned Perka, the First Data division that is sending out beacons to their smaller merchants before. Now mobile payments company LevelUp is sending beacons to their customers as well. The hope is that these beacons enhance the customer service we’ve come to expect from smaller, more neighbourhood focused businesses. Chuck highlights why this may well be the best technology when it comes to loyalty mobile has ever seen.

With Rob Woodbridge and Chuck Martin

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  • Another great info on beacons. Keep it coming. Correct,… small B2C biz are looking for ways to increase customer loyalty and beacons could help. Only restriction I could see, how to get local mom and pops businesses on board.

  • @jasonraystovall:disqus – this is by far the biggest challenge. My feeling (and it is just a thought) is to see if these SMBs can find complimentary apps that fit their business and be a part of them. I always think of those coupon books the Cub Scouts sell as an example. Tie into an app that offers similar and that is beacon-ready, throw up a beacon at the front door and boom. WAY easier said than done that’s for sure 🙂

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