Is Apple’s event about mobile payments? I think so and here’s why.

Just what is Apple up to on Sept 9? Much more than we think.

It is official, Apple’s next big event is – aside from being the worst kept secret – in fact happening on Sept 9 at the Flint Center.

There are so many rumours floating around as to what will be announced and, while technically everyone seems to have agreed on the principle items, I think there could be a much bigger story here than most are speculating about.

From the phones, to the wearable device and a payment system – even why they chose the Flint Center, here are my thoughts. What do you think?

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  • TapTrack

    Great take on it! I agree, Apple cannot be left out of payments, and leveraging the very pervasive iTunes platform as a closed loop payments system is quite logical. I really think that NFC will be used on the iPhone for payments and contactless transactions, but I don’t think any of NFC’s capabilities will be made available to iOS app developers just yet. Baby steps..

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