How to accelerate app store payments to fund your business – with Pollen founder Martin MacMillan

Money. There is not a more precious commodity for app developers than the earned dollars staring at them. The problem is that it is often stuck in app store purgatory – earned but not released. You can stare at it, watch it grow, but for a set amount of time, can not touch it, spend it or re-invest it in your business. Basically, it is useless.


Martin MacMillan saw this problem first hand and decided to do something about it. His company, Pollen, accelerates earned revenues still sitting in the app store vault so entrepreneurs and businesses can move forward. He calls his company “velocity capital” and he explains why he started it and what the response has been since soft launching this year.



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1. About Pollen 2:45
2. Why do people accept the status quo? 5:30
3. What happened to Sonic Play? 6:45
4. How did you transition from one business to the next? 7:20
5. What is the Pollen offering? 11:00
6. 2 key elements for user acquisition 14:30
7. The biggest challenge successful app developers face today 20:00
8. What are the big problems that Pollen helps app developers overcome 22:30
9. Where does your money come from? 24:50
10. Why do VCs like Pollen? 28:45
11. What types of apps do you look for? 29:20
12. Is there a cap to the level of dollars your provide? 30:45
13. What is hope for Pollen? 31:45
14. Is “pay out” time going to be a competitive advantage for app stores? 33:00
15. What does it take for app developers to work with Pollen? 36:30


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About Martin MacMillan
Martin MacMillan Pollen VCMartin has 20 years’ experience in launching and building technology businesses in FinTech, music and media sectors, and a prior career in Investment banking as a bond trader.

Having experienced first-hand the growth challenges facing tech start-ups and the lack of financing options open to developers, he saw the opportunity to marry his traditional financial markets and technology experience to create a disruptive new business model for the digital industry.

Prior to Pollen, Martin was CEO at Soniqplay, CEO at Level Four (acquired by clear2pay) and a Director of UBS in London, where he ran the short term credit trading group and conceived and delivered UBS’ first client-facing electronic debt trading platform.

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