Welcome to episode #135. On the show today: Asif’s take on location in Singapore; SingleTouch launches their FollowMe service; uKnow partners with ESRI to help track your family; Gannett acquires Belo’s television stations and tries to take it hyper-local; Tred delivers your next new car test drive; Google’s Project Loon soars; The connected car is going to be big; Special guest Mike Soucie of Revolv on the connected home.

Episode 135

Recorded: June 21, 2013
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show highlights:

A few announcements
- We wrote (part of) a book! The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps and it is available for order now!
- Do you have a location based marketing question? Ask us here and we’ll answer it on an upcoming show.

Featured Guest
Mike Soucie, co-founder of Revolv (50:20)

Fascination of the week: Instagram gets video (13:38)

Top news of the week

1. The state of location in Singapore (1:35)
2. SingleTouch launches FollowMe platform (18:52)
3. uKnow partners with ESRI for family tracking (26:00)
4. Gannett acquires Belo’s TV stations (32:11)
5. Tred offers to deliver test drives for new cars (38:45)
6. Google’s Project Loon (43:05)

Resource of the Week
Connected Car (55:55)

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