Mobile Minute #181: Don’t forget SMS as part of your mobile marketing mix

Mobile Minute Episode #181:
The long-awaited and oft-predicted death of SMS will have to wait I guess. It seems that as we all get hammered with message after message after message in email and through the social networks that the one thing that we can control is who we wish to receive SMS offers from. Only the elite of the elite get to send us text messages about their brand and it is something that many retailers are not even thinking about at this moment. Think about this: As the noise gets louder and louder and you need to discount more and more to entice customers to your business, SMS may be the one true direct conversation starter that remains uncluttered because it is in the hands of the consumer. The problem is that you need to show value above and beyond to keep people interested. You have been challenged.

With Rob Woodbridge and Chuck Martin

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Rob Woodbridge

I'm Rob, the founder of and I've spent 14 years immersed in the mobile and pervasive computing world. During this great time I've helped some of the most innovative companies grow their business through mobile. If you are in need of a mobile business advisor or coach, connect with me here to get things rolling.

  • Lubin Bisson

    Hi Rob, Hi Chuck… What about the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act guidelines going into effect in the US and that will require written, auditable consent for every consumer in a SMS marketing program? Marketers who do not have prior written consent from consumers to send them marketing messages via SMS will potentially face fines of up to $1,500 per unsolicited message starting today (Oct. 16) under new guidelines. Not much reason to dance there…

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