Episode #480: How Arrivalist is helping bring the rumble back to the Atlantic City promenade – with founder Cree Lawson

Episode #480

Location based marketing and mobile marketing are on the top of everyone’s to do list for their organizations – probably yours as well. The challenge with anything to do with mobile is to understand where to start. The possibilities seem endless and so so lucrative however the first step seems steep and distant.

There could be many reasons for this: Cost, technology, commitment, human behaviour or fear among many others. So how did a tourist city in New Jersey – Atlantic City – come to the decision to bring location marketing into their mix and go on to achieve such great results that they are upping their bet in the coming year?

Enter Arrivalist and founder Cree Lawson. At the core of what they do is to help places understand what marketing initiatives drove people from their couches, cities, states or countries to them. Something Cree calls attribution analytics. Their technology and the concepts behind it are fascinating and simple but demonstrably effective and that’s what we talk about in this episode.

It has taken Arrivalist 3 years to “arrive” and the results they are getting for their customers are starting to turn heads, open wallets and, more importantly, make mobile, location and contextual marketing easy to understand and implement.

**Come back next week to hear from Dave Roesch, Director of Marketing for the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority (ACCVA) – the guys that hired Cree and his team to do all of this. You can sign up for the mailing list to receive notification when that episode goes live.**


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Where should we be focusing when it comes to location? 2:25
2. What did you do to help Atlantic City recover from the super storm 4:00
3. How does Arrivalist know when people arrive in market? 6:30
4. What is attribution analysis 7:50
5. What insights did Arrivalist do offer to help Altantic City shift their marketing plan? 8:45
6. Where did Atlantic City spend marketing dollars? 12:30
7. What was the outcome of using Arrivalist? 15:45
8. How do you know that the person who visits the Atlantic City website is the same one that arrives in the city? 17:45
9. For Atlantic City, email is THE marketing media that has impact 22:50
10. What is attribution analytics? 24:40
11. How does mobile contribute to increased revenue for businesses? 27:00
12. Why build an Arrivalist mobile app? 36:40
13. The key to building a successful app is a great distribution plan 39:30
14. Why has it taken 3 years to launch Arrivalist? 41:25
15. How did you get the patent on something so obvious and simple? 45:20
16. What did Atlantic City consider a successful initiative? 49:00
17. Advice for entities looking at location based marketing 51:35

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About Cree Lawson
Cree Lawson Arrivalist Cree Lawson is founder & CEO of Arrivalist–the first company to measure in real time how online destination marketing impacts visitation. Arrivalist’s patent pending technology platform uses information from mobile devices and big data technology to measure which of the billions of impressions served a day influence people to move from one place to another. Prior to Arrivalist, Lawson started Travel Ad Network (TAN)–one of the leading Vertical Ad Networks–with less than $500,000 in investment and turned it into the largest travel information audience in the world. Before Travel Ad Network, Lawson served in a variety of Management, Sales, Business Development and Marketing roles at Random House, the Associated Press, Gannett, Time Warner Trade Publisher and two Internet start-ups. He’s also a nationally-recognized investigative reporter and an academic All-American athlete. His publishing career began in 1994 when, as editor of the college newspaper, he made the Belmont Vision one of the first 5 college papers published online. Lawson lives with his wife and son in NYC.

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