Episode #479: How and where to use mobile to help influence the buy decision – with RevTrax co-founder Jonathan Treiber

Episode #479

This is the most insightful look at the state of location and mobile marketing on UNTETHER.tv. Period. Jonathan Treiber, co-founder of marketing firm RevTrax offers unique insight after unique insight on how retailers could be – and should be – using mobile as a key part of their marketing initiatives.

This is one of those episodes that you realize the incredible impact – good and bad – that mobile is having on the way retailers do business. It’s not enough that they have to run their business, stock their shelves or fend of Wal-Mart and Amazon and Staples and Costco, they also have to deal with the impact of an always on, always connected smart consumer. This isn’t easy.

There are two sides to this challenge and Jonathan talks to both during this episode: Things to do lots of and things to do very little of at the risk of hurting your business. Poetic insights like coupons don’t replace customer service and how showrooming is what erodes retail loyalty not pricing are thrown around like candy throughout our conversation.

The lessons are huge here as are the insights – in particular the short Hallmark case study Jonathan describes – so much so that you will change your strategy by the end of the show.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Why start RevTrax 1:15
2. Are we still buying in stores? 3:15
3. How much has the purchase journey changed? 5:50
4. What retail structure will win? 7:15
5. Why aren’t marketers using more competitive targeting with mobile? 9:20
6. The sales funnel – from home to the store to the cash register 14:20
7. Why retailers are focusing their mobile efforts in store 15:30
8. Where do you start using location and mobile for retailers? 19:35
9. Are coupons the most effective way to get people off the couch? 21:50
10. What is the influence that mobile is having on retail marketing strategy? 27:00
11. Is mobile marketing shifting the power from the retailers to the brands? 30:40
12. What advice do you give to brands in the middle of a brand meltdown like the Gap companies 34:45
13. Case study: How Hallmark used mobile and coupons to increase loyalty 36:15
14. Are marketers doing sliding scale discounts in mobile? 40:50
15. Why is coupon security and geofencing important? 45:00
16. How do you track across device? 48:45
17. What are you focusing on in the coming year? 53:30

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About Jonathan Treiber
Jonathan Treiber RevTrax Jonathan is CEO and co-founder of RevTrax, a marketing technology company that helps brands and retailers drive and measure in-store sales through secure, personalized digital coupons and offers. Prior to RevTrax, Jonathan worked for Citigroup’s Investment Banking Division, where he focused on multiple disciplines, including M&A, capital markets transactions and corporate finance. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Arts, with distinction, from Cornell University.

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