Episode #475: How to use location to grow your bottom line – with Moasis co-founder Ryan Golden

Episode #475

In business it has always been about location – mobile is no different. Well, location is still important but its definition has certainly changed. 10 years ago, location was defined as a physical space and the more foot and car traffic, the more valuable the space (and the more costly). In grocery stores, location was defined from eye-level up or down. Today, location still matters but the description would be inverse to what it was.

Location today quite often means the place you stand not the place you are heading to. This changes the fundamentals of how we research, choose, buy and pay and we are just starting to understand the impact. The purchase decision used to be linear: First, determine the amount of money you are willing to spend; Second, determine the product you’d like to buy; Third, find a retailer (or restaurant); Fourth, go and spend your money. Today, the purchase process may start at your home but doesn’t end until the product is in hand and there are 1000 decision points between – all thanks to the phone.

So what are some of the ways businesses can harness the power of this new location-enabled consumer-driven world?

Ryan Golden, co-founder of Moasis Global, helps companies use mobile and location to drive revenue and he shares his insight in this jammed episode. We cover the impact of location on the purchase decision, the key metrics to watch while implementing location, tactical advice for starting in location and some great case studies on other businesses that have succeeded in using mobile in their business.


Key takeaways from this episode. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. The energy of San Francisco 1:30
2. How come location is so important? 3:45
3. What is Moasis 7:00
4. What can Moasis help a customer do? 8:25
5. At what point is there too much chaos/noise around location? 11:00
6. What made you start this company? 12:25
7. Could same day delivery disrupt the location industry? 16:30
8. How does location change the marketing industry? 17:40
9. What location metric should people be measuring? 19:50
10. Tactical example of location marketing for shopping 23:25
11. What is mFlyer 25:30
12. Why using simple language in this industry is so important 31:30
13. How to start in location: Advice, tips and tactics for publishers, agencies and merchants 33:00
14. The PERFECT outcome: LuLu’s Fresh Mexican case study 37:00
15. How do businesses bring location and behaviour together to make money? 40:30
16. Does every consumer have their price when it comes to benefits from location? 45:00
17. What is the future for location based digital goods? 47:30
18. Then implication of privacy 51:30

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About Ryan Golden
Ryan Golden Moasis Ryan Golden is the co-founder, CEO, president and director of Moasis, and oversees the company’s strategic direction and product strategy for the company. He works closely with the corporate officers with day-to-day operations and new product innovation.

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