Why the calendar is the next mobile operating system – with Tempo founder Raj Singh

Episode #451

Calendar as the platform. Let that sink in for a moment. Calendar as the platform. What does that mean to you? Let your mind wander a little bit and think about all the information you put into your calendar – the places you’ll be (predictive), the places you’ve been (history), the people you are or have met with, the types of places you’ve been to or will go, the food you love, the business you are in, the cities you’ve traveled – every piece of your true life in one place. Already.

The only real thing missing in your existing calendar (aside from a commitment to keep it up) is deep context – linking the things you will do with the people and places you will do them at while seamlessly integrating into your life in sensible ways (directions, detailed information on contacts, etc). And this is just the table scraps as you’ll soon hear in this episode.

Raj Singh started Tempo.ai out of SRI (incubators of SIRI, Summly and Tempo) with absolute intent – they didn’t begin at the calendar, they ended up there based on what they wanted to achieve. Raj takes us through this journey of identifying the market opportunity, the covert beta test (in Canada – under a different name), the launch, the outcome, the things he’d have done differently and where he sees the calendar as the platform concept going in the near future.

The mobile battlefield has evolved from devices to platforms to operating systems but, if you think about it, the calendar (and what companies like Tempo are doing) is where mobile meets true personalization. This is the gateway to intent – the mecca of mobile.

One of my all time favourite conversations and I happen to have recorded it just for you!



Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip

1. Where has calendaring been hiding? 2:00
2. What is the mobile first calendaring experience? 3:35
3. Why try to replace a native app? 6:10
4. What is Tempo and why pick the calendar? 10:35
5. What does it mean to build with intent 14:20
6. The calendar as the operating system 19:25
7. Why did you beta test in Canada? 23:00
8. What were some of the challenges you faced during the beta? 27:30
9. How was the shift in your company from pre to post launch? 34:26
10. What advice do you have for companies in the process of launch 41:00
11. What was effective for marketing at launch? 46:10
12. The “inside” circuit – what is it and why is it important for product development? 48:15
13. Where does the concept of calendar as the platform take Tempo? 50:25
14. What does the “right amount” of data mean 55:30
15. What’s the main problem with artificial intelligence? 57:50


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About Raj Singh
Raj Singh TempoI’m Raj Singh – I’ve been involved in all sorts of mobile projects and companies over the past 12 years. I’m currently currently Founder and CEO of Tempo AI focused on mobile productivity. For a full professional bio, please check out my LinkedIn.

I’m currently tracking mobile health and enterprise services. My current read is Beyond 3G, great book if you want to dig into carrier infrastructure.

I grew up and live in sunny CA – I’m spending my free time getting better at riding my motorcyle and making time to hit the MMA gym!

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