Why mobile is becoming more about customer loyalty and lifetime value than customer acquisition – with John Orlando of Sixth Sense Media

Mobile often gets thrown into the marketing mix as an afterthought – an item on a checklist – but it takes effort to know what mobile means to your business and how to fit it into a multi-channel marketing strategy. So when does the tide turn when mobile isn’t shadowing the other marketing initiatives or being led by the desktop?

According to John Orlando, EVP Worldwide Marketing and Business Development at Sixth Sense Media, the time of reckoning is near when we all look at the mobile phone as a point of sale in your pocket and the key will be who understands what that really means and adapts the fastest. Mobile is set to change consumer and marketing behaviours and the companies that look to engage through mobile will be well positioned to take advantage of this medium.

This was recorded at the MEF Americas where UNTETHER.tv was the official North American media partner.


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About John Orlando
John OrlandoJohn Orlando is responsible for market and service strategy, corporate marketing, and partner development at Sixth Sense Media. John’s primary focus is to foster the use of mobile as an effective marketing and advertising channel for both mobile operators and brands.

A recognized figure in the mobile communications industry, John’s career has spanned the breadth of the mobile industry — from technology platforms to mobile entertainment services, mobile marketing and advertising. John has worked with more than 30 mobile operators worldwide, capturing significant market share in the mobile media, entertainment, and content space. John was named to Mobile Entertainment Magazine‘s Top 50 Mobile Executives in 2008.

John currently serves as one of the Directors on the MEF North America and was previously Chair and Vice Chairman of MEF Americas.

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