Why data is the new new frontier for mobile entrepreneurs – with INRIX Director of Communications Jim Bak

Big data being delivered to small screens with layers of intelligence is where the future of mobile resides. Doesn’t take a genius to see this but when you start to look at the things we use every day and how collecting the right data in the right context and using that to deliver the right outcome can benefit all of us (consumers, businesses, the environment) you quickly see how mobile will be central to innovation for years to come.

So what about cars? The most prominent mobile device we use. How can mobile influence what we pay at the pump, reduce harmful pollutants, get us where we are going faster and contribute to urban planning? Listening to to Jim Bak, Director of Community Relations for INRIX, you will get the big picture of just how important and enabling mobile is becoming. Also, if you are an entrepreneur, you can’t help but look at this space as the wild wild west – so much opportunity.

After this conversation you will agree that we haven’t really started yet…


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About Jim Bak
Jim Bak Inrix Jim Bak is the Director of Community Relations for INRIX, the leading provider of traffic information in North America. In his role, Jim leads INRIX’s efforts to raise awareness and drive advocacy for its traffic services as well as build relationships with key members of the communities the company serves. Bak joined INRIX in October 2010, having had more than 15 years experience building awareness of high-technology businesses resulting in the adoption of new technologies that have forever transformed and deepened our love affair with the automobile.

Prior to INRIX, Bak was a senior manager at Microsoft Game Studios, responsible for immersing the company’s Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing franchises on Xbox 360 into the world of car culture. Before joining Microsoft in 2006, Bak held a variety of consulting roles that contributed to the successful introduction of several new technologies and breakthrough products.

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