Where’s The Money? #13 – Facebook post IPO

Welcome to our NEW newest show: “Where’s The Money?”. It is here we try to decipher the way some of the more popular mobile applications and services will generate cold hard cash. The industry is full of promise but only a handful of companies will crack the buck. “Where’s The Money?” is where we put them to the test.

We’re not happy about it, but it had to happen. The clustercuss surrounding Facebook’s IPO, Mary Meeker’s apology (in the Classical sense), the world waking up to Facebook’s mobile problems, people like Walt Mossberg continuing to get it wrong talking about mobile ad revenue, people like Steve Gillmor getting it totally right talking about the mobile Push Level Agreement…. it’s all too juicy to not ask the big questions.

Questions like: how will Facebook fair as a public company? Does Facebook actually have a mobile strategy? What lessons can mobile startups learn from Facebook? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Episode #13

Recorded: June 1, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Douglas Soltys

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas is the former Editor-In-Chief of Inside BlackBerry, BlackBerry Cool, and QuicklyBored, which he launched as a mobile gaming industry site. His knowledge of mobile and social media led him to a job at RIM (BlackBerry), where he got to travel the world and do lots of cool things. He is often left-handed, but rarely sinister.

  • dalytweets

    lol you guys are worse than the executives on the AT&T and Bell analyst calls with your phone notifications going off… good post.

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