UNTETHER.talks Clip: Fixmo CEO Rick Segal on the VC / mobile entrepreneur relationship

There is a funding bonanza happening in the mobile and pervasive computing industries today. VCs are making bets everywhere and on everything simply because of the rapid rate of innovation and business model disruption.

How does an entrepreneur remain sane in while everything changes over night? Look down for a moment and entire industries will have shifted or fallen off the map. According to Fixmo CEO Rick Segal, have a plan B and C and D while at the same time be aware that the idea you started with may not be the idea you end with.

In this clip from Rick’s keynote address at UNTETHER.talks, he explains the dynamic between tangible milestones and that rapid change happening now through his experience at FixMo.

For the rest of this presentation head to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks here.

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