UNTETHER.talks Clip: Doug Stephens on why you need to win the consumer’s attention

Since the dawn of the mobile era retail has been the whipping boy of the mobile device. Best Buy and showrooming, Amazon and the Kindle as the new store window, never paying MRSP again thanks to a silly little barcode and even the coming death of the cash register – all brought about by the concept of mobile.

The shift has happened and retail power now resides in the hands of the mighty consumer. So where does this industry go from here? Remembering that this was a $4.7 trillion industry in the US alone in 2011 – it certainly isn’t going away but what does the future hold for this embattled slice of the economy? Surely if there is one person that can help enlighten both brands and consumers about how this sector survives – and thrives – it is Retail Prophet Doug Stephens.

Doug is a regular guest on UNTETHER.tv commenting on the future of retail and the role mobile is playing in that future. He was also a keynote speaker at UNTETHER.talks and this is a small clip of the mastery that was his talk. In this incredible 7 minutes, Doug walks us through the simple question: Where do retailers need to start and what is the impact of the new path they need to take to reach and eventually sell in this new new world.

For the rest of this presentation – plus an incredible panel featuring Doug, Kevin Lister of Moxery, Adam Cooper of Canadian Tire and Melody Adhami of Plastic Mobile – head to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks here.

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