UNTETHER.talks Clip: Asif Khan on the changing definition of location

If there is one thing that the mobile and always on ubiquitous computing world has done it is make us question what a location actually is. At one time it was a destination, a place you ended up. For example, you are going to the shopping center or the grocery store or the theatre. There was a strong pull, a reason to go and a purpose for being there. That destination held us as volunteer captives.

Today, location is a moving target and marketing around location needs to be as fluid as its new new definition. This means that destination doesn’t need to fit in as much as it did. This means that every step, every bus stop, every exit paints a unique picture of location – it shifts and changes based on place and context and this can get very challenging to marketers and consumers alike.

In a prescient and timely keynote, Asif Khan (founder of the Location Based Marketing Association) proclaims the death of GEO and in this clip he outlines the reason: GEO has become dial tone and the smart marketers are waking up to that very concept.

For the rest of this presentation – plus an incredible panel featuring Asif, Dave Fleet of Edelman and John McCauley of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment – head to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks here.

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