Tomi Ahonen’s state of the mobile industry – from Amazon to RIM

When Tomi speaks about mobile, we tend to listen because his focus is on the spots where money can be made. Period. He is the southsayer of mobile and a prophet of mobile revenue and this episode is so important, you need to download it and listen to it many times.

Tomi discusses the plight of Nokia, the rapid rise of Samsung and the “battle royale” for mobile operating system dominance between iOS, Android and Microsoft – plus why he believes Android’s growth will level out at 60% of the OS market. We then turn our attention to the next phase of Amazon’s retail and cloud domination and what their mobile strategy may look like. Does RIM have a chance to rebound and how do developers benefit from their recent moves. Should Nokia get into the tablet business and how is Samsung using Nokia’s old business model to dominate device sales.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tomi offers up his reasons as to why augmented reality is soon to become the 8th mass media and what companies are set up to dominate or be disrupted as a result.


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About Tomi Ahonen
Tomi Ahonen Tomi T Ahonen is a six-time bestselling author of hardcover telecoms/tech books who has also released a series of three eBooks in 2009. An independent consultant and motivational speaker in the converging areas of mobile telecoms, internet, media, advertising, credit and banking, social networking and virtual reality, Tomi is based in Hong Kong. He lectures on these topics at Oxford University for which developed the short courses for 3G services, 3G business, mobile-TV and 7th Mass Media. Mr Ahonen is seen annually at about 20 conferences on six continents. The father of several of the industry’s most used theories, tools and concepts, and a founding member of several industry groups, as well as being the holder of a telecoms competitiveness world record, Tomi Ahonen has been quoted in over 300 press articles starting with the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Economist, etc and is regularly seen on TV; he writes several columns and articles to industry press every year. He blogs daily, twitters, and has profiles on Facebook and Linked In.

Tomi is considered a significant thought-leader for the industry, best indicated by the unparallelled endorsement of his ideas by his peers, as he and his thoughts are referenced in 50 books by other authors. The inventor of the mobile industry’s only service-creation tool, the 5 M’s / 6 M’s (with Joe Barrett of Nokia and Paul Golding of Motorola) is referenced by a dozen other authors, Tomi is also the father of several widely referenced industry concepts and theories, including the Hockey Sticks theory, Connected Age concept, Generation-C for Community, and the 7th Mass Media taxonomy, each of which has also already been referenced in books by other industry thought-leaders.

With Fortune 500 companies as his reference customers, Tomi provides seminars, workshops and training around the creation of advanced digital services; the marketing, pricing and launch; strategy and competition; and partnerships and cooperation for the main players such as telecoms operators/carriers; equipment manufacturers; IT and internet companies; TV and radio broadcasters; print media; advertising; banking and credit card companies; etc. Tomi assists in the value-chain and revenue-sharing calculations and also acts as expert witness for intellectual property attorneys. Tomi also provides general business case presentations to isolate profit opportunities for interested parties. Mr Ahonen is also a motivational speaker in the area of telecoms telecoms marketing, sales, product development and innovation.

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