This Week in Location Based Marketing – Episode 67: Location-connected radio, Yelp IPO and Libby Tucker of Promobomb

Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing where we rehash the news that matters in the location based marketing world.

In this episode: IBM’s DemandTec dives into location analytics with Locately, Amex enables Facebook payments, Senzari connects radio to location through Facebook Places, Highlight takes center stage and what is our review of the YELP! IPO plus Libby Tucker of Promobomb guests.

Episode 67

Recorded: March 3, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:
1. IBM’s DemandTec announces partnership with Locately (3:00)
2. LivingSocial to launch their own credit card (7:08)
3. Amex launches Serve Facebook payments app (10:30)
4. Wyless and LocAid partner to provide carrier grade location (14:30)
5. Senzari unveils internet radio connected to Facebook Places (17:25)

Product of the Week
Promobomb: With special guest Libby Tucker, Founder & CEO (23:00)

Funding / M&A News
1. Karma gets $4.5M (30:34)
2. Highlight App raises seed round from Benchmark Capital (32:12)
Check out the UNTETHER episode with Damien Patton from Banjo
3. Yelp goes public $15 (36:00)

Resource of the Week
Competitrack QR Code Study (38:50)

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