This Week in Location Based Marketing – Episode 62: Evi battles Siri, Groupon regresses and this train gets mobile + Matt O’Leary from Shopcastr

Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing where we rehash the news that matters in the location based marketing world.

This week we explore the latest SIRI competitor, Evi, the location tool LocalBeat in India, Groupon’s kiosk play and a great example of relevant and smart location based mobile marketing by the First TransPennine Express + Matt O’Leary from Shopcastr.

Episode 62

Recorded: January 29, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

Show highlights:
1. TrueKnowledge launches Evi (to compete with Siri) (5:00)
2. Taazza launches Localbeat in India (9:24)
3. Groupon partners with SmartDigital bringing deals to kiosks (11:47)
4. (location-based classifieds) (15:52)
5. First TransPennine Express brings location to rail travel (18:10)

Product of the Week
Shopcastr: With special guest Matt O’Leary (27:06)

Funding News
1. Descartes acquires GeoMicro (36:30)
2. TimeHop closes $1.1M (38:35)

Resource of the Week
MobileMarketer – VC money going to mobile marketing (42:50)

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