This Week in Location Based Marketing #90: Starbucks taps Square

Welcome to episode #90 of This Week in Location Based Marketing. On today’s show: Starbucks taps square and RapidBlue wonders if in store movement the next battle ground for location. We’ve also got a special clip of Gary Schwartz talking Fast Shopper, slow store plus our funding & M&A activity and our resource of the week.

Episode 90

Recorded: August 12, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan


Show highlights:
1. Foursquare finally looks to turn 20 million users into some dollars (3:20)
2. RapidBlue launches a real-life retail analytics platform (8:32)
3. Xtify unveils Targeting, Geo-fencing, and Analytics for Android’s New Google Cloud Messaging (12:28)
4. Starbucks antes up with Square – national roll out to follow (15:42)
5. Lucky Magazine partners with Macy’s and Sephora (25:00)

Featured Guest
UNTETHER.talks keynote clip: Gary Schwartz, CEO Impact Mobile, on Fast Shopper, slow store (29:00)

** for the complete keynote and 9 other, head to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks

Funding / M&A News
1. Adcentricity acquired Media2Go (38:55)
2. Boingo buys CloudNine Media (40:45)
3. FreeMonee closes $34 millon (44:40)

Resource of the Week
Nearly half of US smartphone owners use mobile shopping apps (49:40)

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