Square relaunches payments app, OMGPOP’s three-year overnight success + $99 Lumina 900


Your Monday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 72 hours, good to the last drop.

Square to launch revamped payments app, Android support (via GigaOM)
The company is relaunching the app formerly known as Card Case, as Pay with Square on Monday. The biggest news is that Pay with Square is expanding from the iPhone to support Android consumers and will include new features aimed at helping consumers discover and with merchants.

A $99 Lumia 900: Just what Microsoft and Nokia need (via GigaOM)
AT&T officially announced launch details for the Nokia Lumia 900, the first LTE Windows Phone handset for the U.S. On April 8, the Lumia 900 will be available for $99 with a two-year plan commitment, making it one of the least expensive LTE phone debuts to date.

Microsoft, Nokia commit $24 million in bid to buy developer attention (via BGR)
Nokia and Microsoft recently announced a new program called AppCampus. In association with Aalto University in Finland, the companies have devoted up to $12 million each that will fund developers at the university who build apps for Windows Phone and other Nokia platforms.

Can Nokia Beat The iPhone And iPad? (Don’t Laugh, It’s Trying) (via Fast Company)
Nokia has plans to refresh its future that start with Windows Phone 7 devices, then move on to a tablet and ultimately aim at an iPhone killer … all while still selling cheap phones en masse. Can it possibly work?

Pair Is A Path For The Two Of Us (via TechCrunch)
Let’s say you’re in a serious relationship, but you work all the time and you’re long-distance. How do you stay close to the other person? It’s called Pair, and it’s packed with the features you see in private social networks like Path, but designed for two people.

Q&A: Zipline CEO Todd Hooper, Mobile Games and the HTML5 Hype Cycle (via ReadWriteWeb)
Mobile games test the limits of a device and performance is often heavily tied to the components of a smartphone or a tablet. That is not a strength of HTML5. Will HTML5 ever live up to its promise? We decided to run that question and several others through the outspoken Todd Hooper, CEO of Zipline games to determine whether the hype around HTML5 really does match the reality.

Draw Something and the Myth of the Overnight Success (via BetaKit)
So why did it take so long for OMGPOP to release Draw Something as a mobile app? Users have been requesting an iPhone app for OMGPOP’s games, including Draw My Thing, for over three years on the company’s Get Satisfaction page.

App Developers Looking to New Business Models (via BetaKit)
With over 500,000 iOS apps and 400,000 Android apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces alone, it’s getting harder and harder for developers to make money off their apps. Getting noticed and bringing in revenue is not as simple as setting a price, charging for an app and building a software business on top of app income.

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