RIM’s stock hits single digits, Apple to expand prepaid iPhone + foursquare’s new app


Your Monday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

RIM’s Stock Hits Single Digits (via AllThingsD)
Dragged down by RIM’s announcement on May 29 that it’s gearing up to report a quarterly loss and has hired a pair of banks to help it evaluate options, RIM shares tumbled 6.53 percent to $9.57, charting a new 52-week low and marking the stock’s lowest price since Dec. 22, 2003. RIM’s market cap is currently just $5.09 billion. Five years ago, it was about 16 times that.

Apple’s iPhone dives deeper into prepaid this September (via BGR)
Prepaid mobile carrier Boost Mobile reportedly has plans to launch Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 smartphones in early September. Citing an unnamed source, TechnoBuffalo recently reported that the Sprint-owned virtual carrier will offer both models with no contracts alongside its $50 unlimited prepaid plan, which includes unlimited voice calling, text messaging and Web.

What Lies Beyond The Check-In: Foursquare To Launch Big New Redesign Next Week (via TechCrunch)
Foursquare looks to be de-emphasizing check-ins and going full-steam ahead, looking for new life as a recommendation engine. Not only that, but it’s been evolving as a more self-contained social network, passive location detection, adding bios to profile pages, a searchable timeline in a new history page, and restaurant recommendations.

Buyou’s iPad App Adding 115 Retailers to Virtual Shopping Mall (via BetaKit)
We recently wrote about how iPad shopping apps are trying to become the Flipboard for fashion, with apps like Monogram and ShopMox offering personalized tablet shopping experiences. New York City-based startup Buyou is hoping to capitalize on this trend with their iPad app, a virtual mall with a variety of merchants including fashion, electronics, toys, and games. Apart from showcasing retail goods, Buyou features a well of information including brand social media streams, featured deals, and a consolidated wish list of products from various stores. Since their April launch Buyou has released 32 live storefronts, including Gap, Banana Republic and Lego, with 115 more retailers signed up for the platform.

Mobilisafe is Seamlessly Securing the Bring Your Own Device Market (via PandoDaily)
According to Mobilisafe founder and CEO Giri Sreenivas, to secure company infrastructure with Mobilisafe is much simpler than to secure infrastructure internally. For the IT department there are no network or hardware changes, and for the end user there is no change in basic functionality. For Mobilisafe the solution is one-size-fits-all for nearly every organization, which means scalability is simple.

Keith Rabois: Why Square’s handcrafted approach to payments can win
(via GigaOM)
The rivals keep circling, looking for ways to eat into Square’s growth. PayPal launched PayPal Here, while VeriFone rolled out SAIL, even going so far as to copy wholesale portions of Square’s user agreement. Groupon is reportedly testing a payment tool that undercuts Square’s fees while Intuit, SalesVu, PayAnywhere and others are also looking at putting the squeeze on Square.

Mobile And Local Ads: The Publisher Perspective (via TechCrunch)
Local ads, like most other types of performance based ads, often need minimum volume levels before they start to perform and normalize around the averages. For many apps, the local campaigns just won’t be able to get enough volume to perform as well as garden variety CPC ads for things like games. This puts the publisher in the position of having to waste lots of impressions before ever seeing revenue from local ads.

The 350-Year-Old British Post Office Is Leading The Mobile Payments Charge (via Fast Company)
The PO is rolling out NFC-compatible payment systems to each of its branches across the country starting this week, beginning with 200 stores near Olympic venues. That means 11,500 branches will soon be NFC-capable, supporting the many credit and debit cards issued by British banks that are already NFC-enabled, and making sending a parcel or buying stamps just that bit quicker because the payments for amounts beneath £20 don’t need a PIN or signature. In one swoop this decision is turning the 350 year-old Post Office into the biggest adopter of contactless payments in Europe.

How Mobile Apps are Helping People Eat Healthier (via BetaKit)
Since people eat healthier when they eat at home, Design My Meals is encouraging users to cook more at home, eat healthier and be aware of where their food is coming from. The app includes a recipe index, menu planner, grocery list, pantry inventory and a farmer’s market locator. With the nutritional calculator, the user can also input their height, weight, age, activity level and gender to calculate their unique needs for each nutrient in a selected recipe. Recipes can be filtered according to a special diet (for example gluten-free) items in pantry or produce that is in season. The app is web-based and is currently in beta testing. The Design My Meals team joined the Rock Health startup accelerator program in June 2011.

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