RIM’s Q4 results, Jim Balsillie off Board of Directors + non-RIM news


Your Thursday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Research In Motion Reports Year-End and Fourth Quarter Results for Fiscal 2012 (via Marketwire)
Jim Balsillie has resigned from the Board of Directors, CTO David Yach and COO Jim Rowens are gone too. A new age for RIM.

Google’s Android has generated just $550m since 2008, figures suggest (via The Guardian)
Data provided in response to Oracle’s claim suggests Google gets more revenue from iPhone use than from Android ads and apps.

Bump Launches Payments App To Let You Share Money By Tapping Phones Together (via Fast Company)
It’s a simple solution, powered by PayPal, and designed to solve the headache of splitting drink or dinner tabs. Similar solutions exist, including one from Venmo and even PayPal’s own Bump-enabled app which came out in 2010. (ING Direct’s tech is also made possible by Bump.) But now Bump, an app that’s been downloaded by more than 80 million users, has decided to introduce a new app, rather than update its original.

Instagram’s Move From Killer App to Photo-Sharing Platform (via BetaKit)
Driving more valuable third-party apps through its platform will ultimately help Instagram’s revenue picture in the long run. This is likely the first step in the direction to become a central hub for mobile photos, and once they open their API up to the world (a staged roll-out is likely), expect the company to flourish as a platform.

Paper: the next great iPad app, from the brains behind Courier (via The Verge)
Paper looks like a great iPad app, but what we’re really in love with is The Verge’s long-form features.

SnapGuide: A Simple (and Incredibly Pretty) Way To Make And Share How-To Guides On Your Phone (via PandoDaily)
SnapGuide describes itself as the “easiest way to make and share great looking guides”… and I really don’t think there’s any better way to put it. It lets you make and view how-to guides, complete with video and photos, directly from your iPhone.

Best Buy’s Fate Lies With Boutique Mobile Tech, Not Big-Box Stores (via Fast Company)
Best Buy is shuttering 50 of its big warehouse-style stores and is going to remodel the remaining ones. It’s all because the retail landscape is changing, shaped by the power of mobile technology.

Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media Prices IPO At $13 Per Share (via TechCrunch)
One of the largest remaining independent mobile ad networks, Millennial currently serves ads to 200 million unique users worldwide, including approximately 100 million unique users in the United States alone. More than 30,000 apps are enabled by developers to receive ads delivered by Millennial. Revenue has been steadily growing for the network, but the company is not yet profitable.

Squashing Bugs: The Many Layered Approach to Mobile App Testing (via ReadWriteWeb)
Mobile app testing is not easy. Testing inevitably is one of the phases of creation that is both exciting and excruciating – exciting because a product is finally near completion, excruciating because… well, if you have ever tried to dig unknown bugs out of software, you understand. To do testing right, it is a multi-layered approach that takes time, resources and patience. There are several ways to go about app testing and not all situations make sense for every developer.

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