RIM is dead (or not), Android is unprofitable (or not) + Nokia goes after the iPhone


Your Monday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Research In Motion is dead (via BGR)
Good read by the Boy Genius. Here’s my take.

It’s Time To Believe In RIM And The BlackBerry Again (via TechCrunch)
Likewise, TechCrunch disagrees with itself.

Why Google isn’t worried about Android revenue (via GigaOM)
Would Google like to make more revenue from Android? Sure. Money is nice. But Android was a defensive move on Google’s part, and one that wasn’t primarily motivated by desire for revenue or profit.

Nielsen Teams With Disney/ABC To Measure Consumers’ iPad Usage Behavior (via TechCrunch)
In the study, participants will download a special “metering” app to their devices, which will analyze the reach, duration, frequency, and pageviews associated with both their apps and web usage in an effort to provide better insight into actual trends associated with user behavior, as opposed to self-reported data.

The Serge SDK Can Find Almost Any Brand You Shoot With Your Smartphone (via TechCrunch)
Serge has built a mobile search engine that uses voice, music, vision, barcode, QR code, location, augmented reality and video recognition technology to connect users directly with brands. So, unlike a Google, you’d take a picture of a pair of Nike shoes with the Serge search, and the engine would instantly direct you to Nike.com.

[Poll] Do Developers Think Consumers Like Push Notifications? (via ReadWriteWeb)
There is a fundamental disconnect between technologists and consumers when it comes to push notifications. Many developers think push is a wonderful, useful tool. Most consumers would prefer to be left alone.

Mobility and the Enterprise: 3 Ways to Prevent Meltdown (via PandoDaily)
Rather than try to prevent business use of personal devices, businesses need to focus on how to manage enterprise mobility securely and effectively — while liberating workers from a complicated and rigid system.

Social, Mobile Video Sharing App Klip Doubles Down On Visual Effects In New Version (via TechCrunch)
Klip, which launched in September, is focused on mobile video discovery and providing the highest quality video streaming around for iOS. You simply shoot a new ‘Klip’ or grab one from your Camera Roll and share it with the community, your friends on Facebook, Twitter, on your YouTube channel, or by email.

Nokia Aims Directly At Apple And Google With “The Smartphone Beta Test” Ad Spots (via TechCrunch)
For some reason, Nokia wants to pull on the lion’s tail.

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