Project NOAH founder Yasser Ansari on how pervasive computing is enabling the maker movement in science

According to Yasser Ansari, founder of Project NOAH, we are entering the maker era of science and pervasive computing is one of the greatest enablers for this movement.

We have featured Yasser on before for the simple reason that what his company is doing should be a lesson for all mobile entrepreneurs around the world. This technology and the tools that come with it (invented or not) have made every industry – big and small – a field of green opportunity to disrupt. Science is no different and in the case of Project NOAH, the global mass consumerization of species collection and classification.

What Yasser and his team are doing goes beyond simple tagging – that’s just the start. What we are witnessing is the start of species analytics and I can’t think of a better guy to lead this charge.

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