Path gets $30M in funding, Funzio raises $50M + more Apple Mini rumors


Your Tuesday Mobile Morning Coffee: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Apple’s sub-$300 ‘iPad mini’ to launch in Q3, report claims (via BGR)
While details were limited, the report stated that Apple will have as many as 6 million units ready for launch, all of which it will likely need if the rumored price point of between $249 and $299 pans out, as NetEase claimed. Related: Apple to launch iPad in 21 additional countries this month.

Why Path is no Instagram (via GigaOM)
The good news is that it now has about $30 million new dollars sitting in its bank-account, thanks to Redpoint Ventures and other investors. The company is said to have a $250 million valuation.

Mobile Gaming Startup Funzio Is Raising $50M At A $350M Valuation (via TechCrunch)
The company’s chief executive Ken Chiu previously sold a startup to Zynga and served as a general manager there for a little under a year. Both he and Anil Dharni were behind Storm8, another mobile gaming company with several top-grossing Android games under its belt, before they split with the other co-founders and started Funzio.

Mobile Messaging Consolidates: Myriad Group Buys Synchronica For $38M (via TechCrunch)
Myriad says the deal will make it one of the biggest providers of messaging services in the world. Together they provide messaging services to a huge range of tier-one carriers including ATT, Verizon, Vodafone, Telefónica, Orange, T-Mobile, América Móvil, NTT Docomo, MTS, Softbank, Megafon, Telcel, TIM, Airtel and Claro — altogether covering some 2.5 billion subscribers and 100 carriers and 25 OEMs worldwide.

How the iPad Is Revolutionizing Local Businesses (via ReadWriteWeb)
They are changing how businesses conduct transactions and receive customer feedback. In a data-driven world, Main Street retailers are on the verge of a significant evolution.

Android in camouflage: How the military can utilize smartphone tech (via GigaOM)
Elektrobit has customized Android for military and public safety purposes and is selling that reference design to defense contractors, which then use it to build highly secure smartphones tailored for the military. One such contractor is Raptor Identification Systems, which is tailoring smartphones and tablets with biometric identification capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies.

European Carriers Aren’t Digging Nokia’s Lumia Line (via TechCrunch)
Windows Phone also hasn’t penetrated the market as strongly as expected, so the partnership is much like two beaten, bruised gazelles teaming up to take on a pack of lions. Not super successful.

Oracle’s Billion Dollar Question: Can You Copyright a Language? (via ReadWriteWeb)
The idea of copyrighting the English alphabet would be a joke. Yet plenty of works created with the English language are copyrighted everyday. If I write a book, I own the copyright to my work as soon as my words hit the word processor. If an Android developer writes an app in C/C++ (from which Java derives its syntax), and it is original, the copyright belongs to that developer.

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